Adding Maps to Aternos Servers: A Step-by-Step Guide


Custom Maps

Minecraft, a universe of limitless creativity, is made even more captivating when you can explore custom maps created by the community. If you're a proud owner of an Aternos server, you're in luck! This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of seamlessly adding new maps to your Aternos server, enabling you and your friends to embark on exciting adventures in fresh, uncharted territories.

1. Preparing Your Map

Before you dive into the process of adding a new map to your Aternos server, make sure you have the following:

  • Aternos Server: Ensure that your Aternos server is up and running and you have access to its control panel.
  • Downloaded Map: Obtain the custom map you wish to add. You can find maps on various Minecraft community websites.

2. Accessing the Aternos Control Panel

  • Log into your Aternos account.
  • Navigate to the server you want to add the map to and click on it to access its control panel.

3. Uploading the Map

  • Once you're in the control panel, look for the "Worlds" or "Files" section. The exact wording may vary depending on the version of the control panel you're using.
  • Locate the "Upload" or "Upload World" button and click on it.

4. Uploading the Map File

A new window or dialog box will appear, prompting you to upload your map file. Click on the "Choose File" or "Browse" button to locate and select the downloaded map file from your computer.

5. Initiating the Upload

  • After selecting the map file, click on the "Upload" button to start the process.
  • Depending on the size of the map and your internet speed, the upload might take a few moments.

6. Activating the Map

  • Once the upload is complete, return to the main control panel screen.
  • Look for an option related to world selection or map management. This is where you'll find a list of available maps.
  • Find the newly uploaded map in the list and select it as the active world for your server.

7. Restarting Your Server

  • To ensure that the changes take effect, restart your Aternos server.
  • You can do this by navigating to the "Dashboard" or "Home" section of your control panel and clicking on the "Restart" button.

8. Exploring Your New Map

Once your server restarts, you and your friends can now explore the newly added map together! Connect to the server using the provided IP address and embark on a new adventure.

9. Wrapping Up

By following this step-by-step guide, you've successfully added a custom map to your Aternos server, expanding the horizons of your Minecraft experience. Whether you're traversing intricate landscapes or conquering challenging dungeons, custom maps add a layer of excitement and diversity to your gameplay. So, gather your companions, venture into uncharted territory, and create unforgettable memories on your newly expanded Aternos server.

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