How to use your experience in Minecraft

Minecraft's experience points (or "XP") are a visual representation for the experience gained through playing the game. These are the most important stepping stones to guide a player's progress in the game.

A bar that indicates players' experience level is located just above their hotbar. Every experience gained fills the bar and keeps players leveling up.

There are many ways players can gain experience. There are many ways to earn experience. The best way to gain experience is through 'experience farms.

What does experience mean in Minecraft?

There are many ways Minecraft can help players advance in their journey. The "mining" mechanic makes it possible to create tiers of weapons, armor, and tools. Each level of gear increases the player's combat effectiveness and makes them stronger.

Survival in Minecraft is dependent on upgrading your gear and armor, especially as you progress into the game and visit both the Nether and End dimensions. Three major activities require experience levels:

1) Enchanting

Enchanting is the most important use experience. It strengthens a player’s weapons, armor, and tools. You can also use it to place enchantments onto books. These can then be applied using an anvil to any piece or gear.

Enchanting can be used to "ammunition" the game or as a fuel. Lapis lazuli is the first, while enchantment levels are the second. This determines how powerful an enchantment is, and the level at which it will be used. The three levels will require different amounts of lapis.

2) Repairing/renaming gear

Each weapon, tool, and armor piece has an endurance meter. This meter runs out every time the piece is used. Players can also repair their gear in the game. You can repair your gear in two ways. Both require you to have experience and either an anvil, or a grinder.

First, you can use a base material to fix a piece or gear. Players will need to take the damaged gear along with its resource and place them in an anvil. This will increase the material's durability and allow you to gain the required levels of experience.

Combining gear pieces is the second option. If players have two low-durability iron swords, they can combine them in an anvil, or grindstone. The resulting sword will have a greater durability.

3) Mending

The Mending enchantment can be used to enchant treasure in Minecraft. It cannot be used to enchant players' gear with traditional methods like crafting tables. These books will be required to be earned, traded, or fish by players.

The Mending enchantment, in a nutshell takes all of the oncoming experience and uses it for any weapon, tool, or armor set that is damaged. There is no preference for a specific piece of gear.

This enchantment will allow any gear that has 'Mending' to keep refilling their durability meter with every XP the player receives. It can be used by players to purchase precious gear pieces.