Minecraft Snapshot 20w48a


Minecraft Snapshot 20w48a

- Added a freezeDamage rule that allows players toggle whether powder snow causes freeze injury or not

Fixed bugs in 20w48a

MC-3615: Water and lava are transparent at certain heightsMC-176614: Swimming makes the player look strange/doesn't have animations for swimming + certain actions
MC-198864: The World border does no render below y=0/above y=255
MC-203602: Spyglass animation is incorrect when swimming
MC-203645 – Spyglass wobbles while in use
MC-203824: Weird Hand animation while attacking and using spyglass simultaneously
MC-203925: Items in a bundle that are not in the inventory will disappear if you put them in Creative mode.
MC-203951: The elder guardian particle moves when the elder guardian moves
MC-204323 – Inconsistency: When copper blocks are crafted into slabs, it only yields four slabs instead of 6.
MC-204424: Using a spyglass to see through an elytra while you glide with it.
MC-205041 – Full leather armour does NOT prevent freezing damage
MC-205069: Powdered snow does not give you a frozen effect in creative mode
MC-205072 – Sometimes the Snow Ambient Effect doesn't show up correctly at the edge of a Powder Snow Block
MC-205145 – A compass that has nothing to point at will spin very quickly when it is in a bundle.
MC-205197 – Creating a map using an empty map does not play a sound
MC-205220 – Cannot manipulate horse.saddle by using /item command
MC-205269: Chest closing sounds desynced and closing animations
MC-205321: Item modifiers that alter the item type are not compatible with entities
MC-205445 – The Fabulous graphics warning is displayed at the wrong time
MC-205492 – The 'Include entities' option in the structure block UI is opposite to the actual behavior
MC-205567 – TNT flashes are transparent once more
MC-205627 – Item modifiers that change the count of an item to 0 don't completely remove it
MC-206058 – /item mod doesn't visually update an item's model in an item frame

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