Target blocks

Redstone is used to make the target block. This is one of the less well-known blocks in Minecraft. Redstone was introduced to Minecraft in a way that allowed for automation of many of the existing mechanics. Redstone is used in almost all automated farms.

Although target blocks may not be the most practical redstone item, they have their own specialties and advantages.

How to make and use a target block in Minecraft

This block is a redstone item and can be made with four redstone powders and one haybale. You can make a haybale by using nine grains of wheat.

Players can then use the crafting table and place the hayblock in the middle. Then, dust redstone dust around the four corners. Players can then create a target block.

How to use the block

You can practice shooting with the target block. The game features a variety of ranged weapons, including crossbow, bow and trident. To sharpen their shooting skills, players can place a target block.

This block can be activated by any projectile item, such as arrows or tridents, snowballs, rockets, splash potions, or snowballs.

The location of the projectile item will determine how many redstone ticks are generated by the block. The block is a target so if the projectile hits the bullseye it will emit the strongest signal.

The signal strength can vary from 1 to 15.