What to do after you win Minecraft ?


What to do after you win Minecraft ?

Minecraft's single-player campaign is great. It takes players through a dynamically created world that is full of dangers, surprises, and hazards. The campaign ends when the Ender Dragon is defeated, which may leave players wondering about their future.

The main questline in the game has many different aspects and takes players through three dimensions as well as countless biomes. To get the full Minecraft experience, there are many other pastimes and activities that players can engage in.

1. Equip the Elytra

After the Ender Dragon has been defeated, players can access the outer islands in the End dimension. These floating, vast islands are home to many endermen as well as choreful fruit plants. Players should keep an eye out for End Cities or End Ships. These usually spawn close to End Cities.

While end cities contain valuable loot such as resources and gear, they also have a hostile mob known as the Shulker. These mob-shaped boxes live in their'shulker box' and try to blend in with the surrounding Purpur blocks. They fire a slow-moving, elongated orb at the player to give them the 'levitation status effect' for a limited time.

End ships are the most exciting aspect of the End Dimension. These ships contain the elusive Elytra, which is a piece that allows the player to fly or glide. The shulker covers it within the ship so players should be cautious.

2. Building is your focus

Solo players must complete task after task in order to advance. Players have almost no time to build their bases or attempt any other creative builds. They have unlimited time after the dragon is defeated and can therefore spend their time building the perfect base or a statue, among other builds.

3. Get to the top

Diamond armor is easy to find. Players can dig or dive to Y levels 60 and 50 to find diamonds. The Netherite gear, however, is more durable and fire-resistant. Players should concentrate on getting enough Ancient Debris to make an entire armor set or weapons from Netherite.

4. Kill the Wither, then slay it.

The Wither is a frightening boss mob. It can be summoned by three wither skull skulls or soul sand. The Wither is a powerful mob that can deal melee and ranged damage, as well as releasing its "withering" effect.

The player will be stronger with Netherite armor than with iron or diamond armor. To defeat the mob, players must remain calm and be able to think strategically. The netherite tools, golden apples, and golden apples can help players defeat the miter.

5. A mob farm can be built

The most important thing in the game's universe is experience. The most common use of experience, or XP (or Experience Points), is when you enchant or repair a weapon, an armor piece, or a tool. Minecrafters can gain XP by killing animals or creating mobs, and fighting hostile mobs.

The End is a beautiful, haunting dimension in Minecraft. If you look at any of the endermen, the player could be pushed off the edge into the Void. These activities can keep players entertained for quite some time.